Back 2 School!

In 417-land, school is back in session!  My Facebook feed is plumb full of mommas and daddies posting first day of school pictures and it is so precious!  Big ‘ol smiles and lots of excitement are in those pictures because it’s going to be a great year!  The First Day of School is like a holiday!  The excitement of a new school year will soon wear off, but as any good teacher knows:  education starts in the home!  Gather up the kids and make a trip to Branson where the education can continue!

The Titanic Museum on the 76 Strip is hard to miss!  This replica of the famous ship is full of artifacts and interactive exhibits!  Have you ever felt an iceberg?  The Titanic Museum has a place where you can touch one and even experience what the air felt like on the night that the Titanic sank.  Learn about the ship and this luxurious boat was designed.  Also, learn about people that were on the ship throughout the self-guided tour.  

Experience prehistoric Ozark creatures at Ancient Ozarks Natural History Museum (located at Top of the Rock).  Commissioned by Ozarks native and businessman Johnny Morris, this museum captures the imagination,  while teaching you about the different critters that roamed these hills thousands of years ago.  Ancient Ozarks Natural History Museum also showcases galleries about Native Americans, the American West, and Civil War.  You’ll enjoy this attention grabbing museum!

The Branson Auto and Farm Museum is the stuff that dreams are made of!  This incredible collection of vintage and collectible rides are in pristine condition.  Bring your car gurus and tractor lover and watch them wig out!  Take a few minutes to learn about the historical significance of different pieces of farm equipment and how they were used.  Or fill up on knowledge about the some of America’s favorite classic cars!  This place can be a dangerous too because some of these rigs are FOR SALE!  Vroom!  Vroom!

Encourage your family to learn day in and day out to foster growth in their knowledge and imagination!  The Branson area wants to encourage that too with these three examples!  “Knowledge is power!” -School House Rock

Find Your Getaway and Experience Branson With Us…