Branson Traffic

The notorious traffic problems in Branson are frankly over-rated.  Huge improvements in the city’s traffic flow have been made since the early Branson days.  If you visited Branson in the 1980s and 1990s, you’ll remember trudging up and down The 76 Strip’s two lanes.  It was rough, to say the very least.However, with road upgrades like the new Taneycomo Bridge, the innovative traffic designs of the roundabout and diverging diamond intersections, and the colored route system, Branson handles the increased traffic flow like a champ!  Take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with your route when taking off into town, but know that you are not going to spending your day stuck in traffic while visiting Branson!  Here’s a quick guide to get you zipping around like a local in no time!  Bookmark this article on your phone for when you are out and about in Branson!

Branson Traffic flow

There is a diverging diamond traffic pattern at Highway 65 and Hwy 248.  This traffic pattern keeps cars, trucks, RVs, and semi-trucks flowing on and off of Highway 65.  Traffic coming from 65 flows left or right with traffic lights and signs to guide you.  There are some unconventional traffic flows, such as you’ll feel like you’re driving on the wrong side of the road when you cross the bridge over Highway 65.  This intersection is very well marked and if you use Apple Maps or Google Maps, Siri or your navigator will be able to talk you through which lane to cruise on.

Roundabout traffic

The roundabout traffic pattern can sound nightmarish.  Is it just me or does Arc de Triomph in Paris flash across your mind too?  Cool your jets, friends…the roundabouts in Branson are easy to follow and keep the traffic flowing from all directions safely and continually.  You’ll find four of the circular traffic patterns locally:  on business 65 at the Branson Landing, across the Taneycomo Bridge at 76 and Business 65, on Forsythe Road, and on 86 at Big Cedar Lodge.  You’ll quickly appreciate this creative traffic solution with one drive through a roundabout.

The City of Branson has a color coded, backroad-style route system

The City of Branson has a color coded, backroad-style route system that helps release the traffic pressures off of The 76 Strip.   Utilizing these routes will have you zipping through town like a local!  

The Red Route will help you make it from one end of The Strip to other, without dropping a tire on 76!  This route connects to the The 76 Strip at Business 65 and 76 (down by the Branson Landing) and then again at Shepherd of the Hills Expressway and 76 (where Acrobats of China Theater is).  Along the Red Route are intersections that allow you to divert over to Highway 76 also.  Those are located at Epps Road, Gretna Road, and Shepherd of the Hills Loop.

The Blue Route  runs parallel to The Strip.  Follow the signage for the Blue Route along Roark Valley Road, until it meets with Gretna Road.  You’ll find the beginning of the Blue Route at Highway 76 and Roark Valley Road, next to the Veteran’s Memorial Garden.  There are multiple stop lights that will allow you short cut up to 76 at Fall Creek Road, Truman Road, Forsythe Boulivard, Wildwood Drive, Rosalee Street, and Francis Street.  However, if you track the Blue Route, end to end, you’ll end up on Gretna Road and 76 Hwy, next to the Titanic Museum.

The Yellow Route treks along Fall Creek Road to Wildwood Drive, then to Green Mountain Drive.  At Fall Creek Road and 76, you’ll find Hurt’s Donuts and Fritz’s Adventures.  The Yellow Route starts on the south side of this intersection.  Follow it and take a right on Wildwood Drive  until you hit a four way stop.  This is a choose-your-own-adventure intersection, because all three options will take you to The Strip.  Take a left to continue on the Yellow Route.  You’ll meet with Highway 376 over next to Steak and Shake.  Hook a right and you will run smack-dab into the Highway 76 Strip!

Even with turn-by-turn navigation, driving around somewhere new can seem confusing.  Have no fear!  Branson is simple to navigate with a little planning and route review!  The diverging diamond and roundabout traffic patterns help keep this little city of around 10,000 drive-able with the influx of 100,000-175,000+ people during peak seasons!  Utilize the color coded route system to find adventures on and off The Strip.  Use these backroads for quick access to different locations around town.  This is a huge time saver, especially when you and the crew are visiting multiple venues in one day!

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