Cool Treats in Branson

Regardless of when you read this, just know that at the time that this blog was written, it was sooo hot!  And if you’re like most people who are living or visiting the Branson area during a heatwave, you’re out in it!  Whether it’s White Water all day, or shopping at one of the many shopping venuses, or at one of our stellar lakes…I think you’ve got the idea.  You don’t come to Branson in the summer to watch HGTV in your Branson Vacation Retreat Cabin all day!  You’re knee deep in Branson Country!  So, while out and about, there’s a couple cool off treats you NEED to know about!

Yeti Shaved Ice and Ice Cream

Yeti’s Shaved Ice and Ice Cream is what you need!  Cool down with this unique treat of ice cream mixed with shaved ice!  Dude.  It’s so good!  Be sure to try the newly released Snow Shakes.  Yeti’s has lots of awesome specialty mixes and each is special made for the snow beast in everyone of us!  Snag one of these freezing cold treats for the ultimate cool down!  They are located on Mount Branson outside of the Sunfest Grocery Store and have tons of seating and outdoor lighting.  This is a perfect place to unwind after a blistering hot day in Branson or to stop off at while you’re in the middle of the hotness!

Sno Biz on 76 Strip

Sno Biz on the Branson 76 Strip is a spin on the classic snow cone!  This little shaved ice shop on wheels serves up powdery soft ice with all the finest mixes of syrups and toppings!  You’ll love the combinations like the Strawberry Shortcake or the Patriot!  A big ‘ol serving of Sno Biz shaved ice will put the cool on you so fast on a hot Midwest summer day!  Check them out on Facebook for favorite shaved ice flavors and specials!  And savor one of their specialty flavors on-site and hang out around the picnic tables for awhile!  

Dude's Daiquris - Branson Landing

As you get older, the luster of being an adult fades when you start paying bills and you start grunting when you have to bend over to pick up something.  However, one of the perks is that you’re allowed to mix alcohol with anything.  Newly opened in the Summer of 2019, Dude’s Daiquiris (inside the Mellow Mushroom) is a hit of the Caribbean at the Branson Landing!  Enjoy (responsibly!) an icy drink in a souvenir cup that you can refill at your next visit!  Try a classic strawberry daiquiri, or jack and coke, or try one of their tropical mixed daiquiris…  All of it ice cold!  Then save adulting for another day!

Staying cool ain’t no joke!  Keep hydrated and cool with the help of water and a freezing cold treat!  

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