Best Pickin Spots in Branson!

Whether you call it flea marketing or pickin’, there are some fun shopping experiences to be had in Branson.  A good deal on a piece of art or finding an antique splitting maul might be what really revs you up and there is a lot of places for you to fill that desire in Branson.  It’s time to focus, get a game plan together, channel your inner Chip and Joanne Gaines, and get ready to pick!  

Downtown Branson has a run of flea markets all strung together.  Downtown Branson is so sweet and laid back…perfect for a leisurely shopping day.  Grab a latte at Starbucks on Main Street and start ducking into these great flea markets.  Cadwell’s Flea Market is full of eclectic finds, from vintage clothing to farm tools.  Cadwell’s is the perfect place to start your hunt off with.  If you enjoy finding a good read, multiple booths include discounted books in great condition.  Be on the lookout for old pieces with ties to Branson’s history, like a Boxcar Willie Show hat or an old Silver Dollar City t-shirt.  In the same street block is Main Street Flea Market, just a few doors down and up the hill.  The owners of this shop keep things nice and bright!  There’s a great booth full of vintage ads, like farming, motorcycles, movies, and so on.  It’s fun to flip through this collection and appreciate the vivid art!  Be on the lookout for a booth that is full of vintage outdoorsman style decor!  Main Street Flea is a fun place to take a peek in and snag a good deal!

Cross the street and stop in The Classy Flea.  Despite being a small market, it is jam packed with treasures!  The Classy Flea is plumb full of home decor items and vintage ceramic pieces.  Then head over to the Old Town Flea Market and Collectables.  This little shop has a lot of vendors that sell the odds and ends!  Quirky socks, unique jewelry, and antique pieces fill the inside of this quaint little shop.  

The Downtown Branson Flea Marketing scene is an adventure in itself.  However, there are markets all over this little town!  Drive up on the 76 Music Strip and visit the Apple Tree Mall.  This establishment is ginormous with 400+ different booths!  The Apple Tree Mall has something for anyone…even ukuleles!  You’ll find unique home decor pieces and signs.  In the back portion of the mall is an area with antique furniture pieces also.  A few hours spent in the Apple Tree Mall are well spent!

If you’re in the Branson area in May or November, be sure that your dates intersect with Branson Market Days.  This isn’t just antiques;  this is junkin’!  Make it a girls weekend or include it in your getaway with your sweetie, because BMD is an awesome shopping experience!  Dig through vendor after vendor with unique collections of antiques, handmade items, crafts, boutiques, food trucks, art, and more!  Branson Market Days is a MUST for the vintage huntin’ junker in your tribe!

Make sure to check a couple of flea markets off your list while gallivanting around Branson!  This tourist town has some stellar flea market options in Downtown Branson, on the 76 Strip, and the bi-annual shopping extravaganza, Branson Market Days!  You’ll love pickin’ in Branson!

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