Missouri’s Marvelous Caves

Experience perfect underground beauty in Branson. Dubbed “The Cave State,” Missouri has over 6,000 caves dotted across the landscape. Spelunking, the exploration of caves, is a favorite past-time in Branson. Take a guided tour of our caves or explore the Branson area hiking trails to come across caverns of all shapes and sizes.  

Missouri's Marvelous Caves

 Top 6 Caves Near Branson

  • The most famous of Branson’s caves is Marvel Cave at Silver Dollar City! It was Marvel that put Branson on the tourist map and continues to draw visitors all year round. Marvel Cave is the deepest cave in Missouri at 500 feet, features the Cathedral room, the largest cave entrance room in the US, the Waterfall Room, Cloud Room, Spring Room, Dungeon and the Mammoth Room.
  • From the scenic Top of the Rock, follow the incredible nature trail through Amish bridges, dramatic natural rock formations and waterfalls to the breathtaking Lost Canyon Cave, featuring a four-story cascading waterfall and a cave bar “The Bat Bar”.
  • Talking Rocks Cavern features thousands of glistening crystal caves and exquisite rock formations, a crawl maze, nature trail, lookout tower and gemstone mining. (25 minutes from Branson).
  • Journey around the Fantastic Caverns in nearby Springfield in a jeep-drawn tram. The only ride-through cave in America, Fantastic Caverns features cave pearls and massive columns. (1 hour from Branson).
  • Smallin Cave in nearby Ozark is the first documented cave in the Ozarks, home to the rare bristly cave crayfish, the endangered blind cave salamander and bats. (35-45 minutes from Branson).
  • Dogwood Canyon Nature Park is home to the iconic American Eagle, drawn to this wilderness for its rainbow trout. A 10,000-acre landscape of native forests, rippling trout streams, cascading waterfalls, towering Dogwoods and ancient burial caves in the steep cliffs. These caves are not open to the public but can be seen from the tour road.

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