Where to Put Your Boat In on Table Rock Lake

Whether you are an early riser who lives for fishing or a weekend warrior who is passionate about putting miles in on Table Rock Lake, a good access is crucial!  Choose the wrong one and you’ll be waiting in line for what seems forever, but choose the right place to put in your boat and well…it just feels so good!  TRL has lots of great ways to enjoy its H2O and boating is a favorite past time!  So, let’s make the most of it, Skipper!

It’s important for you to know a couple things when you’re planning on bringing your boat to the Branson area.  Busy boat accesses can be a tad chaotic, so keep your cool and let courtesy guide you.  Pay attention to the lay out of your access as you swing wide to pack in your trailer.  If you’re waiting for your turn, be willing to help if someone is having difficulty.  Ask if there’s anything you can do.  (If you see myself trying to back in a boat trailer, just offer to do it for me…please!  Hah!)  Secure your boat to the trailer before you pull it out of the water, but save packing away gear, such as life vests, coolers, etc, for when you’re out of the water access area.  And lastly, these water accesses aren’t usually monitored, so be sure to secure your trailer with a lock of some sort.  That would suck to lose your trailer!

Cricket Creek Access is located just across the border in Northern Arkansas.  It’s a short drive from Branson Country and you’ll love the quieter water conditions there.  There’s a $5 access fee that will get you and your whole carload in.  There’s lots of parking and Cricket Creek Marina is located next to the access.  They are a full service marina with fuel, supplies, food, and beverages.  Enjoy boating along this serene section of Table Rock Lake!

Table Rock State Park Access at the Campgrounds is a very popular place to put your boat in.  Because there is no charge and it’s a well used access, plan on waiting your turn to get in and out of TRL.  It is located close to the Showboat Branson Belle and the Table Rock Dam.  The large open waters make it a favorite stretch of water for people to zip around.  The State Park Marina is closely located to this access and offers great amenities and lake gear.  Stop in for a unique piece of lake wear or to grab a bite to eat.  

Where to Put Your Boat In on Table Rock Lake

Located off of HIghway 86, on UU Hwy is Old 86 Campground, which is under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Corp of Engineers!  For five big one’s, you can drop your boat off into Table Rock Lake for a fun day zipping around.  This location is south of the busiest water (around The Showboat), but is still very active.  The boat ramp at Old 86 is long and wide with tons of space for multiple people to get in and out the water.  There’s one lone dock here, but boat people tend to be very courtesy and just wanna have a good time, ya’ll!  You won’t be far from The Cliffs (we wouldn’t recommend that you jump off of those…even though people do!  *eye roll*) and Goose Island.  Goose Island is easily accessed from the south side of the island, but has no real way to secure your boat (no dock).  However, it’s waaay cool and the fishing is good along the rock outcroppings on the north side of this island.

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