Being Weather Aware in the Ozarks

Springtime in the Ozarks isn’t notorious for severe weather.  However, according to a recent study, “Tornado Alley” has started shifting to the east, from Oklahoma and Kansas to Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Alabama.  Being aware of the weather in Missouri is important, but can be challenging too.  Due to the varying terrain and shifting wind patterns, forecasting weather can be challenging for most people in this part of the United States.  Fortunately, because of advances in weather forecasting, meteorologists are becoming more and more accurate.  While visiting the Branson area, here’s the best weather resources for you.

KY3’s Storm Team is legendary.  Located out of Springfield, Missouri, they consistently provide excellent weather coverage.  This group of meteorologist – Lead Meterologist Ron HearstBrandon BeckAbby Dyer, and Matt Jones – are second to none!  During severe weather, The Storm Team can be found on NBC-Ky3 or online via Facebook and   They cover the weather event during the “warning stage” and show radar maps, deploy members of the weather team to cover locations live, and give the most up-to-date weather information.  KY3’s Storm Team is active in the community while creating awareness around weather and the after effects of weather (such as flooded waterways and downed limbs).  They’ve also created a following of fans who trust their weather report.  Their incredible work ethic is palpable in their accurate weather reports.  And the team’s personality makes them impossible not to love!  

Stormdar Weather are local heroes!  This duo of weather specialists honed their focus on the Branson area, but monitor a 500 mile radius from here.  Both Rando and Corey live here locally and have a vested interest in our town.  They’re online presence on Facebook is helpful whether they are covering potential snowfall or severe weather.  Follow them on Facebook, learn more about local weather by listening to their podcast, or check out their website for updates on weather, specifically for the Branson area.

In case you are here during the winter months, keeping up with road conditions is vital for safety.  The Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) and the Taney County Road and Bridge do an excellent job of treating our roadways, bridges, and overpasses.  For the most up-to-date information on road conditions, visit MoDOT’s Traveler Information Map (download their FREE app if you’re looking on your phone).  This color coded map will allow you to quickly check your route and make sure that it is safe for travel.  Utilize this great resource for road construction zones too! MoDOT also updates this web feature in case of road closures of any kind, including water over the road. 

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