Food Truck Highlight: Stuffed and Pressed

Stuffed and Pressed is gonna be your newest jam!  This sandwich shop on wheels serves up the 65616’s finest eats!  Matt and Kyla (the owners of Stuffed and Pressed) started their restaurant after Matt retired from his military service of 24 years.  Matt studied culinary arts and continues to be highly sought after by local restaurants, catering companies, and kitchens due to his work experience, his ability to produce a creative menu, and skills in the kitchen.  However, Matt and Kyla have chosen to put their family first and pursue the independent food truck scene.  And they are rockin’ it!  

You can catch them at The Amish Store on 248 most days of the week or at different events in the area.  And fresh, ya’ll!  Matt preps all the food fresh!  He slices all the vegetables every day and the meats are lean and mean!  S&P uses the best cuts of meats and the flavor shows up in their food!  Matt loves to smoke his meats to bring out the best flavors.  Order up the local favorite, The Philly Cheesesteak with grilled peppers, onions, and perfectly peppered beef cooked after you order it.  It’s served on a toasted hoagie bun with the perfect amount of cheese.  This my friend, is heaven.  There’s lots of flavorful options on their menu, like the nachos or select a panini that is ooey-gooey with cheese!  Thank the Lord for Matt’s heavy handedness with cheese!  

With Matt’s catering background, Stuffed and Pressed thrives regardless of the party size.  The food truck that the Stuffed and Pressed team works from was built from the ground up!  This uniquely designed trailer was thoughtfully planned out so that every logistical process was considered.  This makes Stuffed and Pressed a no-brainer as a versatile option in the catering biz!  

Grab a killer specialty sandwich or panini freshly prepared at Stuffed and Pressed food truck!  Matt and Kyla are more than accommodating and encourage patrons to call ahead, if they’re in a hurry.  If not, picnic tables are available at the Amish Store location.  They also can make adjustments to your order related for allergies or dietary restrictions.  

Follow Stuffed and Pressed on Facebook and keep up with lunch specials, where they’ll be at, and any special events that they’re involved in.  Stuffed and Pressed is involved in the Branson community and gives back to first responders, police officers, firemen, and our veterans with a special discount.  You’ll love the top notch service and uniqueness at this eatery!

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