Three Top Secret Fishing Holes!

One of my favorite shows to watch on TV is the Andy Griffith Show.  This iconic television program opens with one of the hardest songs to whistle.  Then Andy and Opie are heading to the lake, fishing pole and tackle box in hand.  The imagery of the opening to The Andy Griffith Show is tied to a lot of childhood memories for a lot of people.  Fishing is a favorite relaxing past time for families and friends.   

Now, I can quickly connect memories of fishing and my childhood.  Fishing from the banks of Table Rock, Taneycomo, and Bull Shoals was just part of life.  I always understood the excitement of Opie and what fishing as a kid was like!  It was definitely a lesson in patience and working for a reward, but more importantly, a time to connect with those closest to me.  And I always loved swimming for a few minutes at the end of a hard day’s fishing!

The fishing in the Tri-Lakes area is optimum! Anglers travel from all over the country because no matter the lake, fishing in Ozark Mountain Country is a win!

Turkey Creek is a small tributary to Taneycomo Lake and flows in just south of the Branson Landing.  The City of Hollister has a small park named Hulland Park that allows easy access to Turkey Creek.  Turkey Creek is a quiet area where the water is very still and fish like to swim up into.  You can catch trout and the occasional smallmouth bass in Turkey Creek.  Park your rig and choose between fishing at the water access or walk down by the mouth of Turkey Creek by an old rock house.  There’s a small outcropping of rocks that will allow you to get pretty close to the water.  This is a little known fishing spot that produces lots of action!

North Beach Park is located just north of the Branson Landing.  You’ll find multiple fishing docks along the paved trail.  I’m sure that there are plenty of fellas that spend their day fishing while honey goes shopping at the Landing.  Good compromise!  North Beach goes out on a peninsula to where Roark Creek flows in and the trail stops.  However, there is a spur trail, just before the end, that will take you into a cove on Roark Creek.  There are no docks on this side of the trail, but there are places to fish.  Enjoy your day fishing from the banks of Taneycomo Lake!

Old 86 Campground is located on Table Rock Lake and offers up some of the best fishing!  You’ll fight bass and crappie along this stretch of water.  Old 86 has TRL water front on all sides except for one.  It is laid out on a point with small coves.  There’s lots of sycamore, walnut, and oak trees along the water’s edge.  Be on the lookout for a downed tree where fish love to hang out!  This park does have a fee of $5 for a day pass per car load or $40 for one year, which is good at any Corp of Engineer location (which is almost all of the public accesses in the area).

Fishing in the Branson area is a great way to spend a day.  Be sure to secure a fishing license before starting off for a fishing hole.  The fishing is exciting and produces repeat visitors every time!  Be sure to cast a line while visiting the Ozark Mountain area!

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