A Morning at Veterans Memorial Garden

The morning I visited the Veterans Memorial Garden was on the 75th anniversary of D-Day.  The Branson air was foggy and warm from the mix of higher than normal rainfall and because it was June.  The humidity was just beginning for the day. 

The Veterans Memorial Garden is a work of love from the Branson community.  It is a tribute to the American veteran and their service.  The Branson Memorial Garden was spearheaded by Ben Kinel.  Mr.Kinel is a former Marine and Master Gardener.  He connected with Silver Dollar City and secured the lease for the garden on prime real estate right along the Branson 76 Strip.  He brought together local businesses and community members to turn an overgrown piece of property into an expansion of beautiful flowers, winding paths, and statues.  The Garden is a favorite place for military groups to gather and for visitors to pay tribute to the American servicemen and women.

On this particular morning, I wandered through the garden paths and I thought I was alone.  I came back towards the largest statue in the garden, “Staying Low” by Fred Hoppe, Jr of Lincoln, Nebraska.  It is a bronze statue of twelve World War 2 soldiers in full battle dress.  As I stood there snapping photos of the statue, a volunteer was at the flagpole raising the flag to full mast.  I captured this moment on D-Day.  An incredible day in American history that continues to be honored in a small town.

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