Six Selfie Spots

If you are like most of us, a good selfie is a MUST while on vacation!  What if you catch an incredible view in the background of your family picture?  Or what if, there’s an iconic Branson attraction behind your kids?  Vacations can be difficult to take these days.  There’s a lot of pulls on people to get them to even take a relaxing day off, like busy schedules and work.  Capitalize on your vacation because you definetely need to document your vacation in the Branson area!  Here are SIX of the best selfie spots in Branson!  

The Scenic Overlook on Hwy 165 is one of our favorite ways to catch views of the city of Branson.  Starting on your left is Table Rock Lake, then Chateau on the Lake, and in the very faint distance you can see Shepherd of the Hill’s Inspiration Tower.  Down below you is Taneycomo Lake, known for it’s world-class trout fishing.  Pull off the road in a small parking lot and there is a fenced area where you can walk to the edge without fear.  For directions, click HERE!

Table Rock Lake is a favorite place to visit while in the Branson area.  Stop at the Dewey Short Visitor’s Center to learn more about this incredible lake, why it’s here, and continued conservation efforts to preserve this lake.  There’s a small park area with benches and picnic seating out on the point that would make an excellent backdrop to gather up the whole group and take a photo.   Cheese!

The Branson Ferris Wheel is a transplanted local from Chicago!  We love this ride because the views from inside the gondolas are spectacular!  Located at The Track 4, you’ll love the B-Town views fom 150 feet in the air!  Enjoy taking photos of the ride and what you see from the tippy-top.  Gather together and snap photos of the family with the ferris wheel back behind you.  The Branson Ferris Wheel is an incredible part of the Branson area’s skyline that you’ll want to include in your trip!

Explore the odd and unusual at Ripley’s Believe It or Not!  Before you go in to see a revolving door of different oddities, stop for a selfie with an elephant built out of oil drums.  There’s nothing like a robot built out of car parts photobombing you to create a lasting memory.

The Branson Landing is a waterfront shopping mall and experience on Lake Taneycomo.  There’s multiple great spots to group up and snap a selfie.  Check out the Fire and Water Show at the Landing’s center or above the water at the pier by the Branson Jet Boats.  Or if you’re on the south end of the Branson Landing, catch the Taneycomo Bridge in the background.

Downtown Branson is full of great shops and restaurants in a small-town setting.  This mural is painted on the side of Cadwell’s Flea Market at the intersection of Sycamore and Main Street, next to the Branson Hilton Hotel and Convention Center.  There will be NO question of where you’ve been for the past week with this in the background.  This old-time, post card style piece of art is absolutely beautiful and a favorite place to stop for a picture! 

Now,  everyone say “Branson is the Best” on three!  1, 2, 3…

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